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  • Brand identity design for ELX Technical: A adapted
  • Visual Idendity design for EU-CORD Charity: Colourful circle with overlapping edges giving the idea of collaboration
  • Brand identity design for Leon Hale Hair Design: Based on the initials LH
  • Logo design for Unique Themes: A speech bubble with the word
  • Charity logo design for Toilet Twinning: A person sitting on a toilet
  • Charity logo design for Whizz-Kidz: Youthful and full of enthusiasm
  • Charity event logo design for Buckinghamshire Community Foundation: Energetic colours and form portraying a sense of enternatinment
  • God Jacket Visual Identity: A jacket on a hanger, split down the middle showing half the jacket filled in, and half empty.

Remove the logo; can you tell it's still you?
Your brand can work harder for you.

Your brand is more than your logo

Brand expert, Marty Neumeier, defined a ‘brand’ as, "a person’s gut feeling about a product, service or company." That nails it for us.

Your organisation has a 'brand' - whether you know it or not. It’s the values you hold; it’s people’s perception of you; it’s your reputation; it’s your personality; in short, it’s the way you present yourself to the outside world.

Start influencing how people see you

If you don't understanding and proactively express your brand, the way you present your business or charity will become inconsistent.

Our job is to help you explore your brand and express it visually though your logo and visual identity, your website and social media, your printed material and signage.

If you aren't making the right impression, let’s do something about it.

Create the right impression


A well designed logo is a good start.  The problem is, without understanding and proactively expressing your brand, the way you present your business or charity will become inconsistent.

It's important that the photography you use, the copy you write and the messages you choose all compliment one and other and feel as if they belong to you.  If you take the logo off, can people still tell it's you?
Of course.  Many businesses and charities already understand their brand well and have an established visual identity.  All we need to do is understand your organisation and how it applies it's visual identity.

If you already have a 'style guide' we're happy to follow that.  We can even produce you a style guide if you don't already have one.

We're also happy to 'refresh' your existing logo and identity to retain it's familiarity but make it more expressive of your brand.
We always supply logos, design elements and other such assests in several file formats. 

For example, it's useful to have your logo available in .jpg format for use in Microsoft Word but a signwriter would want something totally different (usually what's called a .eps). 

Always keep all versions we supply, you never know when you might need them!