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  • Page from an annual report design for Cord
  • Flyer design showing illustrations of women
  • Page from an strategy document from Basic Needs showing photos and text
  • A donation form layout for a charity
  • Front cover from a Christmas sales brochure
  • Wedding stationery design showing an A6 invitation card
  • Three roll up banner designs showing head and shoulders photos of beneficiaries of a charity in Africa
  • Invitation design featuring House of Commons logo
  • Business card designs showing front and back

On brand, on message, on budget and on time.
Creative print design which really delivers.

Powerful print design that delivers

Print is still a powerful medium with a distinct place in 21st century marketing and fundraising.

There’s something about the feel, smell and sense of permanence that printed material brings, which is hard to mimic online.

We’ve been designing for print for many years. If you can apply ink to it, we’ll be able to produce artwork for it!

Graphic design for print


Yes. As well as great design at an affordable price, we can probably save you money on printing too.

We have great connections with a network of specialist printers in the Midlands area.  Instead of leaving you with finished artwork to find your own printer, we can handle the whole process - end to end, from design to final delivery.

Alternatively, of course, you can use your own service providers if you already have strong relationships - it's up to you.
The short answer is yes.  Obviously a single sided flyer is less complex than a 80 page annual report and so the process is a bit different.

We will agree how many revisions are included at the outset of the project.  This helps keep the process efficient for both parties. If further revisions are requested, that's fine but they may be chargeable.
Again, this depends on the nature of the project.  If there is a clear brief and all the assets such as photographs and copy are agreed from the start, we can offer a fixed price from the outset.

If the project is to be more iterative, we'll provide an estimate at the start and charge by the hour.  Either way, you can be assured of a cost effective solution.

We also usually ask for 50% of the total proposal cost upfront.
We can provide an editing service if needed, which should be request at the start of a project.  Minor edit are often required for consistency or to fit a copy to a layout - these are part of the process and are included.  We'll always try to make you aware of where these edits have been made.

If you need a more comprehensive copy-writing service, we can bring a specialist copywriter into the process.