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  • Screen grab of a website for Choices Aberdeen
  • Screen grab of a website for Kings Arms
  • Screen grab of a website for Kings Church Horsham
  • Screen grab of a website for Appsana
  • Screen grab of a website for Kings Arms Church
  • Screen grab of a website for Hope Church
  • Screen grab of a website for Accoustic Arrangements
  • Screen grab of a website for How are you Group
  • International Alert Annual Report Microsite

Does your website pass the 10 second test?
Give your online presence a kickstart.

Every second counts online.

People decide whether or not to stay on your website in the first 10 seconds of their visit.  Probably less.

If you survive this initial and brutal extermination, visitors are highly likely to leave in the subsequent 30 seconds. Only after this are they more likely to stay a few minutes to read that carefully crafted copy, your glowing customer testimonials, or your engaging case-studies.

To earn several minutes attention, you must clearly communicate your value in the first 10 seconds!

Give your web presence a kickstart with a new website designed to get the right message across quickly and effectively.

Some recent examples

King's Arms
Stuart Townend
Jubilee Solihull
Terry Virgo

Choices Aberdeen
The Cherish Fund

Fully featured websites


Don't believe anyone who guarantees this. However, If you can’t be found on the major search engines, you’re as good as invisible. Your new site will be designed with search in mind so you stand the best chance of being found.

Search engine optimisation can be a complex subject and is dependent on a number of factors beyond your website itself.  As part of the process, We’ll advise on how best to maximise the chances of winning the converted Google ‘page one’ position.

We can also advise on way to improve your Google positioning if you already have a website up and running.
You’ll be able to stay in control of your web presence with minimal technical skill. Virtually all web projects are built on a platform that allows you to login and keep your website fresh and up-to-date with a minimum of fuss. If you have ever used office tools such as Microsoft Word, you’ll be updating your site in no time.
No.  Unlike many agencies, we don't believe in tying you into using propriety systems that can only be supported by us.

The vast majority of websites we build use either the Wordpress or Joomla! platform. These are systems which allow you to update your website with minimal skills and fuss. The best part is that they are 'open source', which means not only is the software licence free, but just about any web developer could maintain it in the future should you need them too.

Of course, our aim to provided top-notch service in order that you choose to work with us in the future!
This very much depends on what content already exists and what in-house skills you have access to.  Well written concise copy is very important on the web and shouldn't be overlooked.

Once we have agreed a content structure you have three options:
  1. write the copy yourself,
  2. write the copy yourself and we'll edit it for the web,
  3. we bring in a specialist copywriter to really make your content sing.
These decisions should be made at the outset of the project.
This depends on the scale of your project and how much support you think you'll need. If we are hosting your site, you will also have a support agreement in place with us.  The costs will be outlined in the proposal.

As a minimum, we provide basic support for a period of twelve months initially, giving you the peace of mind that you can always get help if you need it.

Just like your computer, your website will also need the occasional software update to keep it secure. These incremental updates are usually easy to apply at the click of a button.

Again like Windows or OSX, updates for your website's content management system (usually Wordpress or Joomla) are available for a finite period, usually a few years. After this, we’ll need to upgrade you to the latest version to take advantage of new technology. When the time comes, we can discuss the options and any costs.